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We're here to make you and your pet's life easier. We have great offers and services designed just for you!

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Online pharmacy offered at St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center

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Visit our online pharmacy. Trust, Convenience and Value!

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Our veterinarians at San Antonio Animal Hospital

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Our Veterinarians are ready when your pet needs us and strive to provide personalized, compassionate care. Learn more about our team and contact us today!

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Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center

A San Antonio Animal Hospital,
Walk-ins are welcome, and with 5 doctors and a total of 7 exam rooms, waiting times are shorter!

Our Mission

We provide the highest level of appropriate medical care and empathy for our patients. We strive to take a leadership role in the delivery of veterinary medicine and surgery in our community by setting standards for excellence in our delivery of treatment and support.

“We get it RIGHT

Respect, Integrity, Generosity, Honesty, Trust

St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center

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8615 Potranco Road San Antonio, TX 78251


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Animal Hospital in San Antonio are here to make your pets happy and healthy

Our Services

Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center, a full-service facility providing professional health care for pets. We offer complete health care for your pet, including preventative medical treatment with routine checkups, spaying & neutering, examination and consultation as well as treatment, patient care, and surgical services for injured and sick pets.

Our diagnostic services include X-ray, Ultrasound, EKG, both in clinic and outside laboratory testing, and cytology. We also offer services for the comfort and well-being of your pet, including bathing, dipping, nutritional counseling, general dentistry, and geriatric care for senior pets.

Looking to adopt a new furry family member? Look no further! Click here to find a pet that’s right for you. Even better, all adopted pets are thoroughly examined, tested, vaccinated with all core vaccines, and spayed/neutered free of charge before they are taken home by their new parents.

Have you heard of canine influenza or H3N2?

There have been recent confirmed cases in 8 states and while not transferrable to humans, it is highly contagious to dogs. In some cases, dogs may not show symptoms but be carriers of the infection for up to 24 days. You can find information regarding Canine Influenza by clicking here, including symptoms and prevention tips. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you!